Shelley May 30, 2020

Best Time EVER! Mark and his co-captain made our sunset cruise with our 4 daughters the highlight of the entire weekend in Charleston! Extremely skilled and knowledgeable, we were at complete ease and they made sure we felt welcomed and comfortable. I can’t wait to book this trip again! Mark was so interesting to talk to and by the time we left, he felt like an old friend. After a little rainstorm we boarded and were able to see several rainbows throughout the evening as well as lots of dolphin sightings!! Do yourself a favor and book this sunset cruise! You won’t be disappointed!! Best night ever!!Private Feedback: Mark, I wanted to personally thank you for making Madison’s birthday evening so special! I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am. I so enjoyed visiting with you and hearing your personal stories. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. This was truly the best part of our entire weekend!! We were so grateful we hadn’t been out on King St. having dinner when all the rioting began but instead had been safe and sound enjoying one of the most serene and peaceful evenings in a long time. Praying for healing over Charleston and all the businesses that were vandalized this weekend. Thank you again!!

Channing May 30, 2020

A great experience that I will remember for years to come! An outstanding crew that made us feel so welcomed, it was as if we were sailing with long time friends. The sunset view was amazing and unforgettable. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone in the area! Thanks for a great time! Hopefully we can do it again one day.

Joe March 14, 2020

We met on the dock with our 2 kids age 8 and 9 with a bottle of wine and got aboard. We sailed for a few hours around the harbor and watched the sun set. My kids loved it, mark and his crew were great, they told us about the landmarks we saw and about sailing. I really enjoyed learning about sailing, and it was very relaxing. Totally worth the money and a great way to end your day. We saw lot of dolphins and other ships. I would suggest spending the afternoon at the aircraft carrier museum at patriots point then eating and then hitting the dock to do this experience, because it is all right there together.

Cynthia February 23, 2020

Really great evening with awesome folks. Mark’s experience with sailing and his knowledge as a local totally made the experience! Plus, you know, enjoying the sights was good too lol. Thanks for a great evening!

Taylor February 15, 2020

This is quite an adventure – perfect if you want to stand at the bow of a sailboat, feel the ocean spray on your face and really experience what it’s like to truly sail. Mark is an expert – he races the Alliance nearly every weekend and handled the boat like a professional. It was windy and chilly when we went out, mid-February, but it was worth the numb fingers to experience sunset and the beautiful coast of Charleston. Thanks for the conch lessons and the tummy warming rum!!! We had a blast!

NaVell February 8, 2020

When visiting Charleston, a sunset sail is a must! Initially, we were concerned as the weather turned much colder than we anticipated, but Mark and his wife assured us they’d have us covered, and they did! Comforting us with sweaters, blankets, and best of all, lots of laughter, we somehow forgot about the cold and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It was a treat to share stories with his wife and friends who joined us on the ride. We highly recommend this excursion if you want to immediately feel like you are amongst friends who you’ve known for a very long time. – Yasmin & NaVell

Gail November 30, 2019

Beautiful Sunset!! We enjoyed the sail around the harbor. Highly recommend.  We had a great time on your boat. Lisa sounding the conch shell really made for a great story. She really enjoyed her birthday cruise. Thank you again for your great service.

Lindsay November 29, 2019

This was my favorite thing to do in Charleston. Mark let my husband and I go up front and relax with pillows and our bottle of wine. The water was extremely calm for us to be able to do this. It was so peaceful up front and just a perfect date night. The sunset was beautiful. Thank you all!

James November 29, 2019

A wonderful evening with a sincerely interesting Captain. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I hope we can get together in the future.

Robert November 10, 2019

Sailing Charleston Harbor at sunset is pretty much a must when visiting. The sights and the colors are breath taking. Mark is a world class host, and is filled with knowledge, experience, and personal sailing stories. My wife and I did this experience for our one year wedding anniversary, and could not have been more thrilled.

Shatae November 4, 2019

This was a magical experience! Mark and his wife were incredibly welcoming, the boat is so nice, they were great host with beverages and blankets for comfort, and the experience being on the water was calming and beautiful.Private Feedback: Thank you for taking me – especially considering that I was the only one to book for that slot and you had other plans. I really appreciated it and had a great time!

Allyson November 3, 2019

If you had to pick one thing to do during your time in Charleston, this is it! Mark was a great Captain and the views were breathtaking! He was a kind host and wanted to make sure you were happy & comfortable throughout the evening. I got amazing pictures, enjoyed the time on the water with my husband and enjoyed the company of everyone on the boat! We got to head a little about the history of Charleston and what it is like today. They had good stories and explained the aspects of sailing in a thoughtful way. Would 100% do this again and recommend to anyone!

Rich November 1, 2019

Great experience! Mark and his crew were knowledgeable, skillful and entertaining. We had an unforgettable experience!

Michal November 1, 2019

What an amazing experience! Mark and his crew took such good care of us and created a really memorable sail. The weather was perfect and the sunset over the harbor just lovely. Thank you thank you thank you!! What an amazing time 😊

Christy October 4, 2019

They really made us feel welcome and that this was a special private experience. They were willing to talk as much as we wanted, or as little as we wanted. They were a wealth of information. My friends and I were talking about this experience for the rest of the trip! I would gladly do this again!

Carissa September 30, 2019

Great trip! Fun experience and Mark was very friendly and accommodating!

Petey September 29, 2019

My husband, Ron and I had an awesome and memorable experience. Even though Ron has previous sailing experience we don’t have a sailboat so he always is keen to go out on the water when we’re on vacation. Mark quickly sensed his enthusiasm for sailing and let him handle the boat at different times which he loved! Mark’s crew was great fun and the story-telling of past adventures was fascinating! We ended up as the only couple to go out on his boat that day and it was absolutely one of our highlights in Charleston! Such fun! Thank you so much for all your hospitality!!! We look forward to coming back!

Shanell September 22, 2019

Excellent evening with Mark and Adam. We met at the mount pleasant harbor, and we were on the water within moments. Mark and Adam provided a plethora of knowledge regarding sailing, including explaining terminology, sharing anecdotes, and giving opportunities for hands on experience. Sailing with Mark and Adam is exactly what you want, whether that be relaxing on the bow of the boat, sitting at the rear, or even behind the wheel. The beautiful sunset made this a truly unforgettable experience. More than just a one time connection, Mark and Adam offered insights and tips for the rest of our Charleston vacation as well. 10/10!  Thanks again Mark! Appreciate you also sending the photos. Josh can’t stop raving about how awesome it was to drive the boat! Please let Adam know that his BBQ suggestions were delicious.

Libby September 14, 2019

Mark and Adam were top notch hosts! This sail was superior to any other Charleston experience we had! We enjoyed an amazing sunset and the rise of the full moon and stars over the Charleston Harbor. They went out of their way to engage us in the act of sailing, even giving us the opportunity to take over at the helm. Super hospitable guys, easy to converse with and a wealth of information about sailing and the area. Highly recommend this experience to everyone! Thanks Mark to you and Adam for an absolutely breathtaking experience! It was the favorite part of our trip and we will certainly be in touch as we begin investigating the possibility of maybe a sailboat of our own! Thank you so much for your willingness to share such valuable information.

Valerie August 31, 2019

Mark and Adam were amazing! We had the most fantastic experience! It was definitely a noteworthy and memorable time! Thanks, Mark and Adam! Loved it!!!

Chris August 24, 2019

We loved our sailing experience with Mark and Adam. They both were such lovely and caring people. I loved listening to their experiences and could’ve heard more. They treated us with the utmost respect and hospitality. They genuinely cared about who we are. The adventure of actually sailing in the bay of Charleston at sunset was amazing! We loved our time with you and getting to know you a little. It is so apparent that you love what you do, and that enthusiasm is catching. We had the best time sailing and would not have gotten to do that without your expertise. I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved your stories. They enriched our Charleston experience. You have a beautiful boat. No wonder you love it so much. I looked up Adam’s book that you so modestly mentioned. I was amazed at the accomplishment. I have it in my shopping cart and intend to read about this not well known event in Civil Rights history. In the short time with the two of you our lives were greatly enhanced. We hope that you are not so adversely affected by Hurricane Dorian, but we also know that you have weathered storms before and came out of it okay. Best wishes for you both, Chris and Paula.

Abi August 24, 2019

This experience was completely worth it! Mark was very accommodating, and we had so much fun seeing the city from the water. Thank you so much for your hospitality and how accommodating you were! We had fun!

Stephanie August 10, 2019

The experience was amazing!!!! GORGEOUS!!! They were so knowledgeable, fun, sweet and easy-going. I got sea-sick half way through and they were so catering, helpful, and supportive!!! Im definitely doing this again!!! Except with motion/nausea meds next time LOL. Thanks for a fantastic time!!!!

Crysti August 10, 2019

Absolutely the Best evening ever!!!I have definitely been spreading the word about this wonderful captain & his sailboat ⛵️.I will be booking another beautiful sail .

Masha August 2, 2019

The day of the experience started with rain and more to come throughout the day. Mark stayed in touch communicating as the decision was being made on whether to cancel or go on with the trip. Mark’s knowledge, experience and intuition suggested to go on with the excursion and he made us feel more confident about the weather conditions. We decided to take a chance, boy, were we glad that we did! The evening turned out spectacular! Mark and his crew made us feel welcome, explained ins and outs of the sailing aboard and ensured of our comfort. All our reservations quickly melted away. Everyone in our group enjoyed the trip immensely and felt that we did so at our own pace only being guided as needed and entertained as much as we wanted to be. We quickly got used to moving around the boat and loved the sense of adventure. We sailed around the peninsula, loved going under the magnificent bridge twice and even got to see the dolphins. Not even hoping to see the sun we were graced with the most magnificent sunset and ended the trip hanging out in the front of the boat enjoying the serenity of this magical evening. Thank you for this wonderful memory that we will cherish forever! ~ Masha and the fam

Humberto July 30, 2019

Hahaha the Alliance crew was amazing what an experience. Im thankful mark invited me to the races!! It was amazing and the views the adrenaline what a great time!  Tarah and Lainy gave me the cup hahaha what a memorable story in my travels !! Thank you so much i believe everything happens for a reason i will definitely be back to charleston and we can link up! Tell Lainey i said hello 😁 and thanks for the ride to the yacht club!!

Jennifer July 27, 2019

What an amazing experience. This is real sailing, not pull up the sails and keep the motor on sailing. This is real sailing where the boat dips and and the sails are tight with the fullness of the wind. This is a sailing adventure, not your average wine and cheese cruise, but a “hold on we are turning” authentic sailing experience that makes you feel alive. I have been on many sunset sailing trips over the years and this one was the best. It was thrilling. I loved watching the captain and his mate work together and listening to them artfully communicate about sails and navigation. You can tell they love to sail. It was someone’s birthday and they brought out a bottle of rum for a toast. How cool. Hands down the best thing I have ever done in Charleston. Wow- ya’ll are really amazing. Thanks for a great trip.

Olena July 27, 2019

I highly recommend this tour. Mark and Adam made sure everyone on the boat is safe and having the time of their life. They showed us around the boat and explained how everything works. It was my Bday trip and they made me feel like royalty, they even sang Happy Bday to me. I will most definitely book with them again next time I’m in Charleston.

Christina July 22, 2019

Our experience with Mark, Caroline and their lovely sailboat was one my daughter and I will remember forever. Mark and Caroline are very skilled sailors. They operate the boat with ease all while chatting both about sailing and the local area. We learned a lot but also had time to sit back, relax and watch the sunset. A wonderful evening.

Tammy July 21, 2019

Wow! The Sunset Sailing Tour was amazing💙 Mark and Carolyn were awesome! It was our 40th Wedding Anniversary that day and we ended up being the only ones on the Sailboat with them. A private Tour!!! We could not have had 2 more perfect hosts! Captain Mark is so knowledgeable about sailing, and he was a Sailor in the Navy! So cool, and he had many interesting stories. He knew the waters and surroundings like he and the water were one 🙂 His sweet wife Carolyn of many years was his Admiral and boy was she a hard worker!!! So strong and knew what Mark was going to say before he said it!! I knew the feeling 🙂 It was a wonderful, unique experience and I certainly would do it again! Only next time I will ride the bow the whole time!!! Thanks for the fun 🙂

Abraham July 20, 2019

As echoed by previous reviews…this will be the highlight of your trip to Charleston. Mark and Caroline made our family feel at home. Our kids had a blast blowing the Conch. Looking forward to next time.

Kristeen July 6, 201

The experience was wonderful! Mark and Caroline were very friendly and made us feel like we were old friends. The sailing was great and the evening was unforgettable. I would highly recommend this excursion.

Rich July 6, 2019

We have been in the Charleston area since 2005 but hadn’t seen how beautiful it really is until the sunset sail. Mark was amazing. Within minutes we felt like we were going out with friends rather than being customers. He shared some local history, a few lighthearted stories and made everyone feel welcome. The sunset was perfect and we enjoyed every moment of the sail. We would highly reccomend to both tourist and locals looking for a relaxing evening and the best view of Charleston.

Charles July 6, 2019

I really enjoyed this experiance. I would do this again. I enjoyed the art of sailing and the tour information given by Mark. I felt as if i was sailing with a group of old friends. I would recommendthis experiance to anyone. Thank you for the enjoyable experiance. You can expect a repeat occurence.

Caitlin July 2, 2019

My time on the Alliance with Mark and Caroline was such a wonderful way to spend the last night of my trip in Charleston. They were both so welcoming and made me feel comfortable and at home on their boat. It was so nice getting to know them and hear their stories. The sunset was absolutely beautiful and we even spotted some dolphins 🙂 would highly recommend doing this if you’re visiting Charleston. Thank you again for a wonderful time! Such a fun experience.

JackieJune 30, 2019

Fun!!!!  Mark, really enjoyed meeting you and Adam! Thanks so much! Jackie and Sam

Tammy June 29, 2019

We had a well guided tour around the Charleston Harbor. Thanks for the best cruise in the world.

Tamara June 29, 2019

We had such an amazing time sailing around Charleston harbor! Mark and Adam made the experience so enjoyable. They were both very personable and kept us entertained over the 3 hours (including us all trying to blow the conch under the Ravenel bridge and being pretty terrible at it!). The best part was that the sail is capped at 6 people so it felt really personable, almost like we rented the boat just for ourselves. That made the experience even more memorable and special. Thanks again for the wonderful time Mark!Private  Thanks again for the great sail! Definitely the highlight of our trip 🙂 Take care!

Charlie June 29, 2019

Had a wonderful time sailing in Charleston with Mark. He’s a real expert in his craft and made us feel very welcome from the start. We cruised the harbor area, got to see some cool sights and a great sunset. Wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!

MatthewJune 18, 2019

Great experience! Highly recommended. Would definitely do this again if we go back to Charleston. Thanks Mark! We had such a great time!

Lindsay June 18, 2019

Marc was fantastic! Felt like we were going out on a friends boat and not a public charter. Highly recommend! Thanks again Marc! We had a blast. Best of luck to you!

Jammie June 16, 2019

The 3 hour sailing tour of the Charleston Harbor was a magnificent way to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. The expertise, knowledge and easy going nature of Mark, the skipper, and Adam, the first mate, made the adventure all the more enjoyable. I would’ve been worried if their boat was named the Minnow, but we made it back ok. The views of the harbor were spectacular, including the Battery, 5 Steeples, bird sanctuary, dolphins, a pass under the giant suspension bridge, and closeup of the Yorktown. We even got a chance to steer the 38 foot vessel as the sun set over the city, and the full moon rose over the eastern bay.

Quinn June 8, 2019

There are not enough stars!! This went way beyond a 5 star experience. Not only did we get to see so much of the harbor, but we got to participate and assist with as much of the sailing as we wanted. There is nothing to compare with the wind blowing through your hair, and the smell of the sea. I came on this trip alone, but left feeling as though Mark and his crew were good friends. I even got to blow the conch shell! (Lord of the Flies, anyone?!) This was an experience I will not only never forget, but plan to do on a more frequent basis back home. Thank you Mark, Adam and Tarah for the experience of a lifetime!

GerryJune 8, 2019

UPGRADE – is the offering Mark and his crew provide with your sailing experience. Genuine kindness, FUN, history lessons and Don’t forget to Ask him for a chance to sail. The conch shell blowing for effect under the bridge – Bonus. The wind in your hair on a sailboat with picturesque views of Charleston – Don’t miss this opportunity ! Love your LOGO!

Ameera June 8, 2019

Mark was absolutely incredible! He & his crew were friendly, extremely knowledgeable, & genuinely great people. I would recommend this experience (with Mark specifically) to anyone & everyone! Amazing!!  Mark- you were amazing! Thank you so much for being so sweet. We had a great time & would love to sail with you again next time we’re in Charleston

Jenn June 8, 2019

What an experience! Highly recommend Mark and his crew. They’re very friendly and knowledge about everything Charleston. From sailing to eating, places to shop, absolutely musts. Such an incredible experience.

Kelsey May 30, 2019

Such a wonderful experience! I would recommend if you are from out of town or live in Charleston. Mark was so welcoming and shared great facts Charleston and stories with us! We felt comfortable the second we stepped on the beautiful boat. You really cant beat the beautiful views of Charleston from the water.

Wanda May 30, 2019

I was a little nervous about doing this sunset sail since it was my first ever at age 59 and solo! As soon as I borded I felt at ease, safe and relaxed. I was in Charleston for 5 nights and this was my favorite!!! It felt magical with all the sea birds flying around us and Mark and his crew made everyone feel like we were part of the experience by letting us take the wheel for a bit. We were allowed to sit on top near the sail and that was a spectacular view with the ocean breeze blowing. It was truly one of the best days of my life! The sunset was gorgeous!! I met some very nice people and this sunset sail ride will be one of the reasons I come back to Charleston!! Thank you Captain Mark and the rest of your crew!! You made this a beautiful day for me!! Wanda Thacker, Alpharetta Ga

Kathleen May 28, 2019

We visit Charleston at least once a year, and this was one of the best experiences we’ve had to date! Mark & Caroline made us feel so at home on their boat, experiencing the sunset on the water was priceless, and we left feeling like we had made some new friends! We will definitely book again on one of our future visits. Highly recommend! Thank you again for such a great experience Mark! Looking forward to meeting up with you guys again in the future! 🙂

Derek May 27, 2019

Mark and the crew made us feel at home! We had an amazing time getting to know their stories and enjoying the views and what it’s like to sail, this was my wife and my favorite part of our trip to Charleston and i highly recommend this as a finale to anyone’s trip! We had such a great time with y’all! Thanks for giving us a great and memorable experience

Hudson May 27, 2019

Highlight of our trip to Charleston! Mark was super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and engaging as a guide. The sail through the harbor was equal parts fun, romantic, and unique. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting! Thanks for an excellent experience! Katy and I loved sailing with you and Adam. It was without a doubt the highlight of our trip to Charleston. I’ll shoot you a message to hear about your place on Sullivan’s island whenever we’re able to make it back. In the meantime, best wishes to you and Caroline and her mom, Ruth. Be sure and convey our appreciation for the beautiful tour we had at Boone Hall plantation. Cheers!

Matthew May 26, 2019

Definitely worth booking with Mark! Had a great time! Thanks!!

Candice May 26, 2019

It’s an awesome experience! Beautiful sunset!

Katelyn May 26, 2019

Mark was an excellent host and provided a unique and fun experience! He lets you participate and learn or sit back and relax. I fully recommend this experience! I loved every minute of it!

Autumn May 25, 2019

Mark and his crew were great to me and my guests. This is the first time sailing for all of us and Mark was able to show us how it worked. We were roam to sit anywhere and it was awesome! Catching the sunset was beautiful! Coming back to the harbor and seeing the cotton candy color sky against all the boats were amazingly beautiful! I highly highly recommend this adventure with Mark to everyone!

Beth May 13, 2019

This was an amazing experience. Mark, Caroline, and Adam were very professional in the operation of the sailboat. They were so friendly and relatable. They all have such interesting life stories! I would definitely recommend this experience.

Ginger May 13, 2019

We had a great time! My favorite part of our trip to Charleston!

Elena May 13, 2019

Amazing experience! Mark, Adam and Caroline were wonderful!

Zack May 11, 2019

Mark is Awesome, Caroline is great. They both help you to have just an awesome time!! Thanks Brother!

Soros May 9, 2019

What an amazing experience. Having lived in Charleston for an extended period of time I had thought I had seen all of Charleston. But being on the water in a spectacular boat, you can see really see all of Charleston. Mark was an amazing host who did everything to ensure we had an amazing experience. I have officially fallen in love with a sailing and I would definitely do this experience again.

Kristina May 8, 2019

This trip was off the charts wonderful. So many great memories made. My teen kids agreed that it was the most fun experience we have ever had while on a vacation! The boat is beautiful! We learned so much about the area and about sailing from Mark and Adam. These guys love what they do, and it is contagious. The views from the water at sunset are breathtaking. Honestly, we would go again in a heartbeat. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this trip! We are still talking about the boat and looking at the beautiful pictures. You guys are amazing, and your love for the water is contagious. We walked away feeling so happy and amazed that we got to see and experience Charleston this way!! Thanks for sharing and blessings to you and yours! ~Kristina, Maya, and Sam.

Kelley May 5, 2019

Excellent sailing and beautiful views of the Charleston sunset and harbor; highly recommend it!

Valerie May 5, 2019

This was a wonderful, causal, sailing trip around the Charleston harbor. Was a highlight of our weekend and would highly recommend!

Carson April 28, 2019

This was such an amazing time! The sunset was beautiful and Mark was fun to talk to!

Steven April 21, 2019

What a great sail – On top of the experience of sailing the bay – time spent w/ Mark (and his crew that day Adam) was def time well spent. Really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you

Grace Ann April 19, 2019

The sailboat ride was incredible and definitely my favorite part about my trip to Charleston. Mark was extremely knowledgeable, a great sailor and made his boat so hospitable! 100% recommend!

Sarah April 19, 2019

Love of sailing translates in to a magical sunset trip! Mark and Carolina are excellent hosts. They share their love of sailing and Charleston in such a way that you feel like family. As film makers, we bonded with them as they are also professional photographers. This evening couldn’t have been more perfect. We felt safe and content in the welcome hands of Mark and Caroline.

Tanja March 19, 2019

Very unique experience, highly recommend!Private Feedback: Thanks so much for the sail! Rick and I enjoyed it so much and loved meeting you and Adam!

Tiffany March 17, 2019

I booked this Experience for my boyfriend and I and it was absolutely fantastic! Mark and his wife were great hosts and their passion for sailing and being out on the water carried through the whole experience. Mark is very knowledgeable about the area, very professional, and welcoming. The sunset was gorgeous and even though it was a little chilly out, he and his wife made sure we were comfortable. Nothing but the best recommendation for this experience! Kelly and I really appreciated how personable you and Caroline both were. You really opened up our perspective for being on the water by sail and piqued our interest to get out there more!

Nick March 2, 2019

Mark was absolutely fantastic. I recommend this experience for anyone who wants to see Charleston in a new light! This is a cannot miss venture. Without question, this is better than any other tour or experience in town! Thank you so much for your understanding and hospitality! We had a phenomenal time!! Best, Nick

Robert January 25, 2019

Wonderful trip around Charleston. Mark is a wonderful host. Liz and I really enjoyed out trip! I would recommend the trip to anyone!

Elizabeth January 25, 2019

Our evening sunset boat ride was exceptional! We saw dolphins right off the bat and continued to see them the entire ride. My boyfriend and I enjoyed our time relaxing on the bow most of the time but Mark and Adam give you the option to help out and learn if you are willing. They both were such a joy to talk to and learn about the area, sailing, and their own fun experiences. We had an absolute blast! We had a fabulous time. It got a little cold but it was our fault we didn’t dress accordingly and they provided jackets so it was perfect.

Dee January 5, 2019

WOW. We had an absolutely wonderful time on our harbor sailboat tour. Mark and Caroline were awesome hosts. This was our first time sailing and we enjoyed every minute. The weather was beautiful and we got to enjoy a spectacular sunset. Mark and Caroline were very knowledgeable about the history of the harbor and it was great to get to see the historical landmarks from a different perspective. We would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for an amazing afternoon in Charleston. Everything was absolutely perfect!!!

Chad December 22, 2018

Awesome couple, Mark and his wife made you feel at home.

Claire November 19, 2018

My boyfriend and I had an awesome time seeing Charleston & the surrounding area from the water. Mark and his wife were lovely, so kind/relaxed, and were willing to share as much or as little knowledge. Highly recommend!

Valerie November 13, 2018

This was such a cool experience! I had never been sailing before, but Mark immediately put us at ease. He and his wife were knowledgeable hosts and conversationalists, and we would definitely join them for another sail. I highly recommend!

Jessica November 10, 2018

We had the best time sailing with Mark. It was definitely the highlight of our trip. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. I can’t wait to do it again!

Michael October 29, 2018

Couldn’t have had a better experience with Mark & Adam. The weather was great, the boat was super comfortable and Mark/Adam were super knowledgeable about the history surrounding Charleston. Overall a very enjoyable time.

Jason October 22, 2018

No question this was absolutely the best thing we did in Charleston. Mark and his wife were excellent hosts, I almost felt like it was my sailboat. Mark gave us a grand tour of the harbor, we cruised by the aircraft carrier, under the Ravenel Bridge, past downtown Charleston and finished up by going past Fort Sumter right at sunset. The trip was highlighted by watching a mother dolphin and her baby play, beside the boat, at sunset. I highly recommend, you wont find a better deal, for the experience you get, in Charleston. Oh and Mark and his wife are high end photographers and they captured a picture of my girlfriend, that she is in love with. Hope to see you again. Thank you for great evening on the water.

Reed October 14, 2018

We were looking for something unique to do in Charleston on an Anniversary trip. Mark and the Alliance were beyond our expectations. We had a fantastic time. They were knowledgeable on the area, the history, and had a great sense of when to converse a little and when to let us enjoy the harbor sunset as a couple. Wonderful experience start to finish.

Carly October 12, 2018

My husband and I had a wonderful time sailing on the Alliance!!! The sunset was incredible! It was the high light of our trip to Charleston and we look forward to sailing with Mark again soon! Highly recommend!! ⛵️

Mayra October 12, 2018

Wow!!! We had the BEST time with Mark and Caroline! The Alliance is beautiful and the sailing was simply magical- my husband and I had the perfect afternoon. We will definitely be back!!!

Lyn September 30, 2018

Highly recommend. Mark and Caroline were gracious and knowledgeable hosts. We left the dock with cloudy skies and ended up seeing an incredibly beautiful sunset. The boat was comfortable and in beautiful condition. We met new friends and hope to go again.

Hillary September 30, 2018

It was a lovely way to spend the evening and to see Charleston from a different perspective.Private Feedback: Thanks for a fun evening!

Steve September 2, 2018

Mark was an excellent host from beginning to end. We had good communication about where to board and when, and the type of activity. He and his crew were meticulous ensuring our comfort and safety. The sailboat tour was an excellent way to get to know the Charleston environs passing silently by iconic sites. Bring some wine, sit back, and enjoy the ride. The day’s weather made things interesting in a good way. Thanks for taking us.

James September 2, 2018

This was an amazing experience. Mark and the crew are so welcoming and attentive. This was a highlight of our trip.

Mark September 1, 2018

This sailing excursion was such a highlight of our weekend in Charleston, that we’ll likely plan a future trip around another cruise. Mark and Caroline immediately seem like longtime friends. Their 38’ boat is pristine. The few hours on water allow us to see Charleston and surrounding areas in a new way, taking in historic markers and amazing sunset views. Not to be overlooked are the local recs they provided for restaurants and bars.

Ryan September 1, 2018

We had a wonderful experience with Mark and Caroline on a Saturday evening sunset cruise. The boat was comfortable and we enjoyed learning about history of what we were seeing. Would highly recommend this experience!

Jonathan September 1, 2018

Mark and Caroline made this a perfect evening for us. They offered a unique perspective on Charleston, and the views were amazing. We recommend this experience to anyone visiting! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you!

Brandi September 1, 2018

Mark and Adam were super knowledgeable, fun, and personable. My friend and I really enjoyed the cruise around the Charleston harbor with them and a few other guests. They even let us steer the boat! Because we went on an afternoon tour on a hot day, they gave us the option of dropping anchor and swimming for a bit, which was refreshing. Water, other beverages, and snacks were provided. I would certainly do this again!

Sicong September 1, 2018

The trip was fun and mark was great. I had a great conversation with him. Recommended for everyone!

Cassi August 28, 2018

This was my first time in Charleston, and I can’t imagine a better way to kick off the weekend and see what the city has to offer than from the vantage point of the water! Mark and his wife were incredible hosts and it was as if we were sailing with old friends. We had a truly magical time and would highly recommend this to others! We had an incredible time!! Thank you for your hospitality!

Jane August 28, 2018

Mark provided an exceptional experience. He is a super nice guy, confident in sailing, and making his guests feel very comfortable and safe in his yacht. His pride in his yacht was exemplified by the highest level of regard in her condition – that is clean and in good order to ensure the seaworthiness of his boat. I very much enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere onboard and that he entrusted me to take the helm. I would certainly enjoy sailing with Mark again and highly recommend ‘Alliance Sailing Charter’ when visiting Charleston.

Jill August 28, 2018

We had the most magical evening on the water with Captain Mark! This experience was far and away the highlight of our time in Charleston. There is no better way to see Charleston than from the water and we felt lucky to do it on board Captain Mark’s beautiful sailboat. We sailed past all of the best sights from Sullivan’s Island to USS Yorktown to the Battery and more. We watched the most stunning sunset while enjoying a glass of wine on the bow of the boat. We even spotted dolphins as we sailed back in the after glow of the sunset! I feel lucky to have had this experience and cannot wait to do it again. It was perfect!

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